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MPSK teaches the Traditional Martial Art of Tang Soo Do Ladies Kickboxing and Boxing Circuits. Thank you for taking the time to visit MPSK site. We believe in teaching the highest standards of Martial Arts at a reasonable cost to anyone who wishes to join us. We have a modern full time centre.

What children can learn practising Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do helps develop a positive character in a child by utilising strict guidelines and a fun but serious atmosphere all at the same time. Respect: One of the basic requirements of the martial arts is respect. We teach this from day one!

Meet the instructors: Master Andy White,Master Ashley Sutherland,Grand Master Ian Parker,Master Shannon Parker & Master Hollie White

Master Shannon Parker at the World Moo Sool Do Championships

Grand Master Ian Parker & Alfie Lewis

Grand Master Ian Parker, Grand Master Stuart Hicken and Grand Master Anne Armstrong

Grand Master Ian Parker & Master Paul Pears

Grand Master Ian Parker & Grand Master Neal Mason

Grand Master Ian Parker & Lee Charles

Andy Tiger Hall with Grand Master Ian Parker

GrandMaster Ian Parker & Hollywood Actor Mark Strange

GrandMaster Ian Parker & Mark Strange

GrandMaster Ian Parker & Shannon Lee

GrandMaster Ian Parker & Benny The Jet

Latest stories

MPSK brings joy for people with autism and additional needs   February 23, 2019

Jolene Parker-White, husband Neal White and Jolene’s uncle Master Ian Parker set up the weekly session around six weeks ago and are now looking to expand thanks to the rapid take-up of places. The 30 minute sessions include pad work and bag work, as well as fun on a trampoline and a cool down session as children with autism are very hyperactive.

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